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Four years ago L.A. Ocampo, a High School senior, declared to anyone listening she intended on being a doctor. Full of energy and focus, she graduated from the University of Batangas in June 2019 with honors and a degree in Respiratory Therapy.

You might ask the same question we did, what happened to becoming a doctor?

Turns out that L.A. ran out of money, as so many in the country do. We naively suggested she apply for a school loan, only to learn limited options exist in the Philippines. Usury was ubiquitous, interest rates well above 28% per annum leading to endless debt as a means of survival. Government lending was highly deficient, together with traditional bank lending equally restrictive, barely scratching the problem's surface.

At this same time the China Europe International Business School was holding a forum in Ortigas, attended by leading Filipino educators. A powerful question arose, how could we affect the national economy at scale?

The answer was one of simplicity. With the average age of Filipinos being 23.4 years, the education sector offered the fastest, broadest and most impactful route; improving the country's knowledge base would positively influence economic growth for the next 3 decades. Yet in the absence of tuition assistance to foster this precious resource how is it possible to achieve?

Without realizing, L.A. started a revolution of sorts. While she placed her dreams on hold to proudly enter the job market, stakeholders within the learning environment demanded the problem be solved.

What evolved was a national coalition for education benefits. Academicians, businesses, financiers and students worked together establishing a business model to send more than 30 million students to school, including low- and no-income families. And since crazy is as crazy does, the program is designed to support the entire ecosystem: students, teachers, schools, and educational businesses nationwide.

GO PHILIPPINES was born. One focus, one objective: provide an education for every Filipino who desires one.

And what about L.A.?

She started to work for one of the many BPOs in the country recognizing and seizing the opportunity to employ such a talented young individual. Unfortunately working toward a medical degree brings challenges, L.A.'s earnings barely enough for day-to-day living. But that has not deterred her dream of becoming a doctor. GO PHILIPPINES founders set aside funds to ensure tuition would no longer be a concern. She now plans to attend medical school in late 2020.

And to pay back the coalition's effort, L.A. designed our logo!

The best part of the story - in the beginning of February, L.A. joined the GO PHILIPPINES family full time. As Special Assistant to the CEO, she plays an integral role in furthering the program she sparked, while we get to prepare her for the post-graduate education that lies ahead.

Support L.A. and in disrupting the education sector.



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