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Parent and Family Digital Learning Guide

Date Posted: Oct 25 2020

What can this guide do for you?

Your involvement in your child’s education can lead to better learning results and outcomes. This “Parent and Family Digital Learning Guide” will inform you, as a parent or caregiver, as you monitor your child’s progress as your child accesses and uses technology for learning.

This guide aims to help all parents and caregivers, including those who have limited experience with digital tools, those who are expert with these tools, and anywhere in between. Each section starts with foundational pieces and builds from there.

Making the most of this guide
  1. Scan: Each section of the Parent and Family Digital Learning Guide can be read independently. Please scan the guide for content and resources that are most helpful to you.
  2. Discuss: Find time to discuss the principles explained in the guide with your children. You can also use the questions at the end of each section to start conversations with teachers, school leaders, and other parents.
  3. Create: Use the content of the guide to create resources to help your community better understand digital learning (checklists, social media content, or short video clips). Send us what you create, and you just might be featured on our website or social media. Send your examples to and use the subject line “Creating with the Parent and Family Digital Learning Guide.

While this document relates to U.S. citizens the insights offered are directly applicable to all academe stakeholders. Go Philippines with the help of our institutional partners and input from Filipinos across the country is producing a tailored document with translation for the Philippines. Members will receive notification upon completion.

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