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Assistance Award Notification

Date Posted: Jul 02 2020

Go Philippines is pleased to announce the release today (Friday, July 3, 2020) of our second batch of assistance awards, building on our first scholarships released on June 3, 2020. Those who are awarded tuition assistance are notified by email, a follow up confirmation call from our Partner Experience Representative shall also occur typically within 48 hours of receiving the initial email.

If you have submitted an assistance request but have not yet received notification of an award or declination, no action is required. Your application is still being considered, prioritized and awaiting release during upcoming batches. Please note that if your school term has started and an application was filed before the term began, for those individuals who have paid their tuition for the current term we are instituting a reimbursement program to overcome the delay in assistance issuance. You will be receiving an email shortly explaining this process.

The reason for delay is that we have received multiple partner requests that influence our award process. This is positive for students and parents, as it means we are now offering more assistance opportunities, and better terms like a 0% interest, study-now pay later option. Registered members will receive an email shortly explaining these, along with any requirements and submission instructions.

Go Philippines recognizes the pandemic has introduced considerable change in the learning environment. There is much apprehension as school terms start or near. Our mission is to ensure an education for all Filipinos, while assisting academic facilities to flourish during this difficult economic period. On behalf of our Founding Member Schools, Financial Services, and Strategic Partners, we appreciate your understanding and patience while we process your assistance requests under these challenging times.

Your Go Philippines Team
No One Left Behind!

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